Sunday, May 13, 2007


We are the Southside Solidarity Network, a group of students from the University of Chicago who believe that our school and its surrounding communities can at some point be friendly neighbors. Therefore we work to create mutually beneficial relations between our school and Southside communities. The history between the University and the surrounding neighborhoods, especially Woodlawn to the south, has never been easy, yet we feel that now is the time to begin to make change.
We feel that our school has consistently failed to respect community residents’ voices when making important decisions about the area. This area is home to students, faculty, and residents all of whom must be heard when shaping the future of this community. However, the University of Chicago has too often had a heavy hand in such decisions. Therefore the Southside Solidarity Network supports tenants and residents of the surrounding neighborhoods as they work towards gaining an equal voice in their communities.
This blog has been created to address the development of an immediate and serious threat to the rights of Southside tenants. It has been created to bring YOU into the struggle to SAVE GROVE PARC. But what is Grove Parc?

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