Sunday, May 13, 2007

What is Grove Parc?

Grove Parc Plaza is a 504 unit subsidized (section 8) housing complex on Cottage Grove between 60th and 63rd, in the Woodlawn community just south of the University of Chicago. It was built as a response to the lack of affordable housing in the Woodlawn community as the University crept south in the late 1960's. Today it is owned by a group called WPIC (Woodlawn Preservation Investment Corporation) and managed by HUD. Due to chronic neglect by HUD and WPIC, the development failed two inspections and is now being threatened with redevelopment.

HUD and WPIC drew up redevelopment plans without tenant input. The tenants were not even permitted to see the plans until they had already been submitted. The redevelopment plan converts the 504 affordable units to only 150! The tenants have worked to create an alternate plan which maintains at least 350 low-income units. The campaign to Save Grove Parc is working with the Grove Parc Tenants Association as they work to have a voice in determining the future of their homes.

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